At Home Now

There's a bunch of tubberware boxes in my livingroom full of my junk, and its very overwelming. I know I have to put all of it away, but I just don't know where to begin... I put some little bits away though.

Oh weeelllll. I have an ear infection too, but there's no way in hell I'm going to go to Outpatients and sit around for three hours. I'll be going to my family doc on monday...
And I got my job back the le video club. I'm pretty happy about that. <3

I drew another tattoo for a friend, and the tattooist is looking to buy some art rights off of me.
I have to get my portfolio together and give it to him. c:
Annnddd I'm slapping together a art/poety zine shit with art by me (a first, I never put my own art in my zines) and some poetry by a very very talented pal of mine.


Moving Part 2

packing packing packing
And I think I'm going to pass out. ;___;



Okay boys, long story short,
moving back to Lab Shitty (I mean Labrador City) on Sunday.

Cute bunny is cute.

I've NEVER seen a rabbit sleep before. They won't let you.
But I guess because this one is blind, he can lazy around all day because he can't see you watching him sleep. hahaha

I want a blind bunny so bad. :<


Week 1 Day 2

Another lame day at school. More art coming soon!
My art teacher is crazy. She marks you on how well you can draw (kinda like being in gym and not getting marks because you're fat!) more than effort (in my mind anyway). Right now we're looking at Frida Kahlo (I'm sorry but I can't stand Frida Kahlo...) and drawing self-portraits of ourselves with animal bodies and human heads. FUN!

And I lost my blue pen.
You ever feel like you have extremely bad luck? That's how I feel. c:


Yeah yeah yeah

New school is shit, if I might say so.
My friend who I was supposed to have lunch with, totally ditched me to sit with some other people. I mean, I can understand having other friends, but he should have at least have asked to join him. So I spent lunch alone. I sat in the hallway and drew. :<

Being the new kid sucks in grade 12, because everyone is so extremely clique-ish.
ooohhhh welllll
And I had like, 10 kids ask me if I listened to hardcore. LOL




Nots a very good day.
Went to my new school, no one talked to me once. :<
Maybe tomorrow will be better!