At Home Now

There's a bunch of tubberware boxes in my livingroom full of my junk, and its very overwelming. I know I have to put all of it away, but I just don't know where to begin... I put some little bits away though.

Oh weeelllll. I have an ear infection too, but there's no way in hell I'm going to go to Outpatients and sit around for three hours. I'll be going to my family doc on monday...
And I got my job back the le video club. I'm pretty happy about that. <3

I drew another tattoo for a friend, and the tattooist is looking to buy some art rights off of me.
I have to get my portfolio together and give it to him. c:
Annnddd I'm slapping together a art/poety zine shit with art by me (a first, I never put my own art in my zines) and some poetry by a very very talented pal of mine.

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Anonymous said...

Get well soon! :>

I found you some weeks ago on deviantart and i love your art ♥.
but why did you delet a lot of your work?
Cant understand :/

lovely greetz