Week 1 Day 2

Another lame day at school. More art coming soon!
My art teacher is crazy. She marks you on how well you can draw (kinda like being in gym and not getting marks because you're fat!) more than effort (in my mind anyway). Right now we're looking at Frida Kahlo (I'm sorry but I can't stand Frida Kahlo...) and drawing self-portraits of ourselves with animal bodies and human heads. FUN!

And I lost my blue pen.
You ever feel like you have extremely bad luck? That's how I feel. c:


perca said...

Ha ha ha yeah I hear you about the teachers, here at architecture college it's the same, they want to see how awesome your works look like not how much effort you put on it (got lots of high marks on lame 30 minutes projects and the opposite happens as well... who knows what those guys want...

My good red lead died today, I'm useless till I get back to my hometown to buy more. Bad luck is bad.

Meno said...

New schools are always pretty icky. I've been 'the new kid' all my life though, so I've gotten used to it. Oddly enough, moving around as much as I have hasn't improved my social skills. I'm still the loner in the corner that no one will talk to because she knows 'too much' about serial killers. Seriously, I only mentioned John Wayne Gacy and Ed Gein ONCE in history class and it was only to make a point about society. If I were at your school, I would talk to you :] I don't know if that's at all helpful, but I hope it is. Even though people usually don't talk to me much, I try to talk to other people. Also, don't worry too much about the art teacher. You draw beautifully. Even if she doesn't recognize that, I bet there are lots of people who do. Like me! And if you like your art, that's what matters most.