Yeah yeah yeah

New school is shit, if I might say so.
My friend who I was supposed to have lunch with, totally ditched me to sit with some other people. I mean, I can understand having other friends, but he should have at least have asked to join him. So I spent lunch alone. I sat in the hallway and drew. :<

Being the new kid sucks in grade 12, because everyone is so extremely clique-ish.
ooohhhh welllll
And I had like, 10 kids ask me if I listened to hardcore. LOL


Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean! Lunch sucks...

perca said...

Oi, just saw that you left DA... I was totally one of those annoying silent stalkers that felt ashamed of starting a conversation with you *I won't repeat what you already know about your skills and talent - ugh, I'm so weird*... I just thought that on here at least it would be a nice way to start having a friendly chat, since Blogspot is way less intimidating than DA and I kinda feel it's easier to poke you n here.

Anyway, just read trough your posts, i can say I feel your pain.. when I was younger I had changed schools like 5 times, and I was the new weird chick that everybody marked as hardcore weirdo... till I found some guys that could see trough my appearance. So I say, it shall suck at the begging, but I bet you'll find worth company soon, that's how life roll, and I'm cheering for you <3

Sorry if I'm having too liberties with my speech, it's the brazilian way of trying to break the ice.. *hides in shame*